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Elegance and sobriety...
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    Baumanière's Spirit

    "Baumanière : beautiful manners, the art of living and welcoming everything and everyone with an acute sense of happiness"

    "Baumanière is an institution in Provence whose renown goes well beyond the national borders. For seventy years, Baumanière has represented much more than a destination for a luxury getaway. It is a philosophy, an authentic and sincere way of life, the secret and taste of which were passed down to me by my grandfather, Raymond Thuilier, the founder of the establishment. Elegance, serenity, respect for the environment and people are the values held dear by Baumanière, the work of a visionary who created a paradise in his own image.

    It is not an easy thing to stay on the top for one or two decades, but to remain so for over seventy years demonstrates our capacity to innovate while never forgoing our objective of excellence. Baumanière is in no way a museum of bygone days... today, it is different and yet similar to the Baumanière of the past. Similar because of its excellent culinary tradition and refined, discreet and friendly hospitality. Different due to its capacity to adapt to modernity and respond to the needs of a new generation of guests. Living fully in one's times while preserving the essential values of top class hospitality is what Baumanière is all about." Jean-André Charial