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Elegance and sobriety...
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    Geneviève et Jean-André Charial

    For almost 35 years, Jean-André Charial has been watching over the most prestigious hotel establishment in Provence. Faithful to the memory of his founder grandfather, he combines his talents and those of his wife, Geneviève, to renew the spirit of Baumanière. Since 2005, Jean-André Charial has left his post in the kitchens but remains present to welcome guests and taste the dishes.

    Geneviève Charial devotes her time to transforming and improving the comfort of the different Maisons. She restores, renovates, repaints, waxes, hunts through antique markets and bric-à-brac shops to find just the right object to suit a certain spot.

    Joined in mutual admiration, the two of them work with great dedication to develop the Maisons de Baumanière.