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    Gastronomic Restaurant in Arles

    Arles, Between the Alpilles and the Camargue Regions

    Arles is a very special city, with many fascinating stories to tell each time you visit one of its monuments or tourist sights, such as the Arlaten Museum, created by the great poet Frédéric Mistral, or the Réattu Museum, which houses some of the painter’s works as well as some drawings by Picasso. At the gateway of the southern Camargue region and the northern Alpilles, Arles is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway or a family holiday. Only a few kilometers away, one of the most beautiful hotels in Provence awaits : La Cabro d’Or.

    La Cabro d'Or, One of Les Maisons de Baumanière

    Always warm, the welcome extended to hotel guests is one of the guiding principles of Les Maisons de Baumanière. You feel at home here and this feeling pervades every aspect of this lovely house in the Alpilles, including its gastronomic restaurant, dedicated to the well-being of its clients. Michel Hulin, the Chef of La Cabro d’Or, a passionate advocate of the fresh produce of Provence and the Mediterranean, starting with its olive oils and fish, lavishes attention on the dishes he creates with his kitchen team – just for you.

    Sample Dishes from our Menu

    Delicate ravioli of langoustines with zucchini and leeks slow-cooked with tarragon,

    foamy sauce with chanterelles and extra virgin olive oil from the Baux Valley


    Roasted fillet of John Dory with foamy butter,

    creamy Butternut squash with country bacon,

    frothy black truffle sauce and crisp root vegetables


    Plate of suckling pig slow-cooked in a casserole until golden,

    Buttery green cabbage with country bacon,

    pork pastille with winter truffles, reduced cooking juices


    A new take on a chocolate tart,

    frothy sabayon, with barely lukewarm  Guanaja dark chocolate, cremeux with raisins and flambéed banana