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A 150m² meeting room
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    Group Menus

    We are pleased to present the following group menus, which our starred chef, Michel Hulin, has created specially with you in mind. These menus are available every day for either lunch or dinner, with the exception of the Market-Fresh Menu, which is served only for lunch, Monday to Friday.  


    They are given as examples and may change throughout the year, making the most of fresh seasonal produce.

    Market-Fresh Menu 43 € per person, excluding drinks
    Main Course


    Gourmet Menu 62 € per person, excluding drinks
    Soft-boiled egg with a difference 
    Mild onion marmalade with Spanish Jabugo ham and aged Parmesan,
     Some chanterelles in a frothy carrot top bouillon 
    Duck breast slowly roasted on its skin, 
    On a delicate puff pastry base, 
    Seasonal fruits and vegetables caramelized in Provencal honey,
    Light, tangy sauce with crunchy almonds 
    Selection of regional cheeses 
    Roasted apples on a crunchy Streusel base,
    Frothy caramel topping flavoured with finest sea salt from the Camargue, 
    “Upside down” apple sauce and Granny Smith sorbet


    Discovery Menu 72 € per person, excluding drinks
    Like a fennel panna cotta, 
    Tomato fondue with shredded crab claws,
    Tiger prawns in a jellied shellfish “chaud-froid”, 
    Crunchy vegetables
    Cod fillet slow-cooked in olive oil, 
    Delicate ravioli with pork confit, 
    Creamy rocket sauce with truffle sabayon 
    Selection of regional cheeses 
    Lime and white chocolate geometry, 
    With a melted grand cru dark chocolate center, 
    Some fresh raspberries in a red berry gazpacho


    Gastronomic Menu 93 € per person, excluding drinks
    Cooked in layers, millefeuille style,
    Farm-raised foie gras from the Landes region 
    « Les Délices Saint Orens »
    Roasted loin of sea bass,
    Artichoke ravioli with finest Spanish « Jabugo » ham,
    Fresh truffle-perfumed jus,
    Virgin olive oil from the Baux Valley 
    Tasting portion of slow-cooked lamb caramelized on the spit,
    Provencal stuffed baby vegetables,
    Chickpea polenta with reduced cooking juices
    Selection of regional cheeses,
    Salad of tender young greens with pine nuts
    Catalan cream with marinated diced mango,
    Orange and passion fruit,
    Frothy coconut milk topping, « Pina Colada » style
    Meringue Dacquoise biscuit with hazelnut and grand cru dark chocolate,
    Whipped ganache with Jivara milk chocolate
     Seasonal fruits with fruit caramel 


    Also available: Tasting Menu -- 130 € per person (excluding drinks)
    A buffet can also be organized on request.